Where colors are at home.

Colorscales is a web application developed by Zeix to find tints, tones and shades of a color in a color space based on human perception.

Try It Out

Click a color to play around in Colorscales.

Use the arrow keys to control lightness and chroma. To change the hue press plus or minus key. A click on the scales palette in the upper right corner reveals a sidebar where you can enter hex code, hue, lightness und chroma numerically.

Create Palettes

As a registered user you can save colors and group them into palettes. Palettes are public. The service is free to use.


A version allowing for private palettes is coming soon. Follow @colorscales on Twitter to stay informed.

What's Behind?

Colorscales is based on the color appearance model CIECAM02 by the International Commission on Illumination CIE and on the JavaScript library Chromatist by Jacob Rus.

Who's Behind?

Colorscales was created by Esther Brunner and is being maintained by Zeix as a tool for our own use.

Kontakt: esther.brunner@zeix.com

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